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5. Attendance & Absenteeism

a. Attendance

b. Absenteeism

6. Lateness

7. Early Dismissal

8. Class Interruptions

9. Closing of School
Circumstances lime rainstorm, closure of roods, industrial actions or riots, or other hazardous conditions may lead to the canceling of school. Should this seem probable, school will be cancelled in the evening or early morning hours before the start of school, however pending when such information is received by the school.

10. Textbooks, Workbooks, and Electronic Materials
All textbooks, workbooks and exercise books recommended and provided by the sachool are to be paid for along with the other fees. It is the responsibility of the students and parents to make every effort to protect these materials.

11. Health Service Program.
Claret Academy sees it as essential need to make that the students are physically healthy in order to face their academic work. To this effect, a full time nurse is employed to take care of both the day and boarding students and our school clinic equipped for prompt and urgent health attention. In accordance with the recommendation of the School Board of our Province, all children are expected to have a complete physical examination upon entrance into school. All students are likewise required to be immunized according to state requirements. Data concerning immunization and medical record’s update are necessary at the opening of school each year.

12. Library/Reading Rooms
Library and reading rooms are available for daily recreational readings and for reference and research. Absolute quite must be maintained, eating/drinking or group chatting is not allowed in the library and/or the reading room. Books are borrowed for one week. They may be renewed, however, the student must present the book to the librarian for renewal. Reference materials are circulated for class work overnight only. In the circulation of books and materials, preference is given to teachers and those in administration. Reference materials are not for borrowing.

13. Examinations and Evaluation Program

14. Retention or Class-Repeat Policy
As educators, we are committed to giving our students, among other things, the best education possible. Briefly stated, our objective is adequately to equip our students with basic skills of learning. However, our students, urged and supported by their parents, must also be committed to learning and be open to receiving the best possible education for themselves. It is with deep interest and loving concern that we have adopted a policy of retention for those students who have not shown adequately that they are ready for the next grade.

15. Withholding of Academic Records
Claret Academy is not a free school. Tuition, levies and fees are charged for all students registered in Claret Academy, approved by the administration to the school. All families are expected to make tuition payment; failure to meet financial responsibilities has consequences.

16. Social Events

18. Manual Labour
At Claret Academy, education does not end in theory; students are also encouraged to put into practice and to showcase the experience of their lives what they are taught. Manual labour and morning functions are, therefore, part educational programs designed to teach the children to be productive and to learn how to keep their environment clean. Days for general school labour are stipulated in the school daily schedule. Morning functions are required to be finished before 7:30am. Class prefects in the collaboration with the school functionaries in charge of labour and the Labour Master, are to draw the timetable for morning functions and for general labour during labour days. Failure to do one’s morning functions or to participate in manual labour attracts punishment. A student, who due to health reason cannot participate in labour or, do certain types of morning functions, should present a letter from parents with doctor’s recommendation to the school authorities. Such a student will be exempted from participation so as not to jeopardize with his/her health.


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